, Welcome, Kate's Dairy Farm2019 bookings are now open and we are inviting your school to take this opportunity to pre-book a visit to our micro dairy farm centrally located in Honeydew.
We have been inundated with calls and requests from schools to provide them with an educational facility for the little ones to see the ins and outs of a our dairy farm as part of a school outing.
After giving this some thought over the past year, we have decided that education and an opportunity for our children is something that we simply can’t continue to ignore especially for those little city slickers that have not yet had the opportunity to visit an actual farm.

What we will offer

A simple, clean and safe outdoor environment for the kiddies to watch the actual milking of a cow by hand. An age appropriate lesson of the cows milking , Welcome, Kate's Dairy Farmproduction and methods used.

  • Question time;
  • Little fun interactive games pertaining to the Dairy Farm;
  • Possible bottle feeding of the little calves by hand when they are available;
  • Total educational time: approx. 25 min + 20 min for little picnic; Each child will receive a 250ml bottle of farm fresh milk (your responsibility to let us know who is not permitted if lactose intolerant or allergies, thus we could supplement with Soy Milk if permitted as to not make them feel left out).

And a pamphlet of our little farm for a show and tell to Mom and Dad when they get home.

What we’re about

Established in 2016 for the sole purpose of providing our own children with, Welcome, Kate's Dairy Farm the best and freshest milk possible, we decided to utilise our property and brought home some cows that our already experienced staff could hand milk for us. Through word of mouth and public demand coupled with all the excess milk we had available, we decided to open our Micro Dairy Farm up to the public who also wanted to enjoy the benefits of pure farm fresh milk as well.

This was not as easy as one would think with all the regulations and bi-laws out there. We have had to have all our cattle tested and pass for certain diseases such as Brucellosis and Bovine as well as physical inspections from the councils Health Departments and local SPCA… In short we have been authorised to continue as a Micro Dairy Farm and we may supply the public with both pasteurised and unpasteurised milk, provided that they visit our premises. Click here for directions and address.